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Yesterday my eldest who is three and a half came back in from our garden saying that he’d stepped on the baby sparrow my husband had rescued a few days back.

I don’t know if this actually happened. Benjamin is still in that age where he actively fuses elements of imagination into his reality – which I by the way adore and encourage. And since we speak three languages at home, Benjamin sometimes struggles to properly express himself. Therefore I’ve learned to take his words as a guidance of sorts and not necessarily as the most accurate depiction of events. 

I could not see any injuries but the bird did seem confused and out of balance  – as she (let’s say it’s a she..) had been at times before because she’d hurt her wing and couldn’t fly.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Even so, I was crushed. The thought that my boy could consciously harm a living being felt unbearable. So we talked. And we cried. But talk is cheap, so I had to lead by example. As I thought I’d been doing all the way – but obviously not enough. So we put the poor sparrow back into the garden where her mom – which comes to feed her several times a day – can find her. Benjamin brought water , and we also tried to feed her. We made a heart for the bird. We checked on the bird several times a day, and to our relief, she eventually got back to her regular wobbly self. 

“If we are to reach real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.”- Mahatma Gandhi

In a hindsight, I don’t think Benjamin had hurt the bird. He knows perfectly well the mantra my husband and I have been repeating all along: ”Animals are friends – not food”. 

But we both got a lesson:

  • Benjamin got it reinforced that #alllivesmatter
  • And I was reminded that it’s my responsibility to model the best of humankind for my children by sowing compassion every step of the way. Everyday. For every living being. For if you cannot step on a bird, you’ll not be able to barbarically kneel on a man’s neck

Peace, plants & love /Milda & Benjamin

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