Hello and welcome!

If what you are looking for is guidance on clean, earth-kind and non-toxic living while maintaining a mindful approach based on self-reflection, open-mindedness, soul-searching and courage, I’m here to help you. 

For the past few years I’ve been doing extensive research on how and what toxins to get rid of in our home, how to reduce waste and increase our awareness about what sort of environmental and social impact our consumption has. While my family and I have by no means figured it all out yet, we’ve realised there are certain small steps everyone can take toward a more sustainable, slow, clean, organic and non-toxic living! 

Using a proprietary screening system, I advocate a more mindful consumption by vetting the corporates that produce non-toxic products with as little environmental footprint as possible! My goal is to look beyond overused concepts such as “natural”, “green” or “eco-friendly” and reward the companies that truly walk the sustainability talk. I also share guidance, hacks, tips and inspiration about slow, clean, organic and non-toxic living. You can rest assured that I test everything before recommending anything. Scratching the surface is not what you can expect from me. Deep-dives is!

Non-toxic mind is another subject I care deeply about. In a world of constant noise, there is seldom room or time to reflect why we think what we think or do what we do. I’m fascinated how by tweaking (or “detoxifying”) our assumptions we can adjust our course of action. To state it differently, our decisions tend to suffer from path-dependency as we base our understanding of the world on a number of “conventional truths”. But how come we are carrying these beliefs to start with and are they really ours or have we just simply inherited them from our family, friends and/or society because “things were always done that way before”?

I truly believe that by constantly taking small non-toxic steps we eventually get on the path that is good for our body, mind and the planet.

Sustainably Yours,