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Are we fighting a virus or our extinction?

We are not fighting a virus. We are fighting our extinction. Here of the panic.

You say put on a mask? It contains polypropylene polyester fibers. So what you breath in is plastic particles.  

You say use hand-sanitizer religiously? Antibacterial agent triclosan you rub in has been linked to hormone disruption and elevated risk of breast cancer.

You say #stayhome? Very well. We follow orders and immerse ourselves in a cloud of volatile organic compounds (VOC) released by scented candles while we are binge-watching Netflix via radiation-emitting wifi on a sofa treated with cancerogenic flame retardants. 

Not saying that we shouldn’t do the above – we absolutely must as we simply don’t have a choice #flattenthecurve. My point is that whichever step we take, it’s more likely that it’s toxic than not. This is the reality we live in – and we’ve created it ourselves.

Do I sound apocalyptic? Yes, probably. Our current lifestyle will continue bringing us back to self-isolation, crashed economies and lost lives. And tragically, if we don’t get our act together, this Hunger Games scenario will be repeatedly playing out in front of our children as they grow up. While I’d rather they explore #mothernature than hide from it –don’t you?

Covid_19 is mutating.  And it’s not the first corona virus we are suffering from. Why should we believe it’s the last one?

We are getting sick because the toxins we breath, eat and drink have collapsed our #microbiome and with that eroded our immune system. On top of causing cancer, autoimmune diseases, allergies, intolerances, sensitivities etc. To stretch it even further, mental health has been found to be a reflection of our gut health #foodismedicine

What’s playing out in front of us is scary. Therefore we need to re-evaluate the choices we make as we go about our lives. 

What can we do? Well, this is actually the best part: A LOT! We can make a change. We ARE the change. Take one single step today. One step. And another one tomorrow. One foot in front of each other. And we’ll get there! #weareinthistogether

Here are simple #nontoxicsteps you can take when in quarantine:

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