Clean living

We are drowning in toxins that we’ve created ourselves. We consume heavy metals present in the soil – whether organic or not – with vegetables and fruits we eat, we breath VOC fumes released by our mattresses, we pass on lead to our unborn babies when taking prenatal vitamins highly recommended by our obstetrician, we inject ourselves with mercury that comes with the flu vaccine, our children suck on toys filled with phthalates and glued together with formaldehyde. Have you ever asked yourself why cancer rates have been soaring unprecedentedly? Why babies are born with leukemia? Why autism has skyrocketed? Why gluten-intolerance? Why all the allergies? It's hard to imagine that out lifestyle has nothing to do with it. Overwhelmed? That’s been my reaction too. The good news is that there a small non-toxicsteps we all can take towards clean-living and substantially improve our wellbeing!